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The Float Tank Cure Book

Weightless. Calm. Meditative. Free. 

These are words people from all over the world use to describe what it is to float. 

In this long-awaited book, Shane Stott shares his personal journey and professional insights into the Float Cure. 

For millions of people floating is not only a method of healing and meditation, but a journey to a higher state of wellness and being. With new scientific research illuminating the multifaceted benefits of floating, and the practice becoming more available, the time to float is now. 

Join with Shane on this journey and 


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Without a doubt, Shane is a high achiever. Not because he’s never failed or fallen but because he keeps getting back up. His persistence and dedication to whole life success are inspiring. Read this book and you’ll be inspired too!”

- DARREN HARDY, Publisher SUCCESS and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Compound Effect.

"Shane truly opens himself up and shares a deeply personal, completely transparent story of how floating created a healing transformation in his life. And how it can for you, too. Read this book and you will unlock areas of yourself — new potentials — new experiences — that you never thought existed. Shane shows you how."

- STEPHEN WOESSNER, host of Onward Nation podcast and CEO of Predictive ROI

"This book takes floating from a small niche interest to a mainstream holistic health option. Talk about IGNITING an industry! Well done Shane!"

- JOHN LEE DUMAS, Founder and Host of Entrepreneur On Fire